At Sarasota Boat Rental, we offer deck boats, kayaks, pontoon boats, jet skis and paddleboard rentals. Tool around Sarasota Bay and see the wildlife Southwest Florida is famous for. Get out there and have some fun!


Jet Skis 

Feel the need for speed? Rent one of our Jet Skis and explore Sarasota Bay in style! We offer competative hourly rates for 1 to 2 riders per Jet Ski.


Paddleboards & Peddleboards

Have some fun in the sun, West Coast style! There is a reason why these rentals have become so popular. These paddle "surfboards" are amazing! They are stable and simply glide over the water, giving you a sense of freedom (and some exercise too!) Our staff will help you quickly master this new sport.


Single & Tandem Kayaks

No experience needed for this enjoyable water sport. You can rent single and double sit-on-top kayaks, perfect for exploring the mangrove areas surrounding Sarasota Bay - the ideal spot for observing dolphins, manatees, and a variety of aquatic bird species.